The junction of private wealth, quantitative framework and personal advisor

Providing our private wealth clients with an integrated approach of private wealth services, a quantitative investment framework based on decades of academic research in finance and highly personalized advice.

Our approach for private wealth clients integrates their

asset classes, strategy styles and exposure to risk factors

investment analysis including core and satellite strategies optimized for the trade-off between active portfolio management and pre-tax compounded growth

asset location optimization strategies for wealth structuring and wealth transfer purposes (such as gifting and charitable strategies)

tax loss harvesting strategies

income and transfer tax liabilities

spending and liquidity needs

Addressing Clients’ Complex, Wide-Ranging Financial Needs

The Needs of Ultra-High Net Worth Families are Distinctive, Requiring the Utmost Professionalism, Discretion and Focus. services we provide to our private wealth clients include:

Macroeconomic & Monetary Policy Briefings bi-annually based on research by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), including Global Financial Stability Report, World Economic Outlook and Fiscal Monitor

All photography by Jared Chambers